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Are you looking for new kitchen cabinet? For over 10 years, we have successfully helped many Singapore families transform their kitchen cabinet. Our secret? Supreme quality, friendly support.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen cabinet in Singapore, give us a call and we will give you a free quote.

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Premium Quality

Top grade aluminum kitchen cabinets that lasts a lifetime

10 Years Warranty

Supreme quality with 10 years direct supplier warranty

Environmental Friendly

Kitchen cabinet free of damaging chemicals & formaldehyde free

“Thank you A Star Furnishing for making my dream kitchen a reality. With the aluminium kitchen cabinet, I don’t have to worry about maintaining my kitchen cabinet!”

Dennis Chew (周崇庆)

Mediacorp Radio DJ, Actor, host, Singer LOVE972fm. Official Ambassador of Parent Company A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd.

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Our Kitchen Cabinet Advantage

All Aspire kitchen cabinets are made using high quality aluminum. Learn why they are more superior than the conventional wooden kitchen cabinets available in the market.

Water Resistant

In a typical wet kitchen, aluminum kitchen cabinets can last longer than wooden cabinets. Aluminum is water resistant, which means that aluminum is less prone to corrosion after a long period of time. Today, more households in Singapore are choosing aluminum kitchen cabinet as their preferred choice of kitchen cabinet.

Easy To Maintain

Hate to maintain your cabinet? With aluminum, you can just clean your cabinet with just a few wipes. You can freely use any cleaning chemicals on our kitchen cabinet. Unlike wooden kitchen cabinet, the improved aluminum kitchen cabinet means that you can freely and easily clean your cabinets, making it easy to maintain.

Fire Rated

Aluminum kitchen cabinet is safe for household as it’s fire rated and fire resistant! In fact, aluminum is rated as one of the safest material to use as cabinets in kitchen all around the world. Aluminum is not only safe from damages, but also fire related accidently which may occur in a kitchen.

Conventional Wood VS Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design For Your Home

Do you have a custom design in mind? Talk to us, and we can design our kitchen cabinet to your ideal design. We have in-house designer that will specially design your kitchen cabinet to match your home design.

Do you have a specific kitchen design in mind? We work closely with other large interior design companies in Singapore and we can bring your dream kitchen to reality. Our in-house interior designer is also available to provide design tips for your home kitchen? Over the years, we have worked with many households in Singapore. As BTO houses are getting smaller over the years, we have great design ideas that will help you maximize your kitchen space.

Not sure of any design? Speak to us today and we will propose a design for your kitchen!

Our Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet

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10 Years Warranty

We are confident our the quality of our aluminum kitchen cabinet. As such, we are one of the few companies in Singapore that is willing to offer 10 years warranty for your kitchen cabinets.Β 

Green and Safe

We do not use any harmful chemicals to build our products. Our kitchen cabinets are formaldehyde-free, certified in Singapore, and safe for children and elderly use for Singapore households.

Fast and Reliable Support

Do you have no prior experience in renovating your kitchen? We have friendly and experienced staff who can assist you in renovating your kitchen to your desire. We have after sales support for all our customers too.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Jeremy has been most helpful in answering to queries. Understand that we were his first customer, given that Jeremy was new and can be trying for him to answer all queries. Carolyn Ng

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Jiayi made the reno works a breeze. Very professional and meticulous with a great personify. My kitchen looks amazing. Thanks A Star Jennifer Yap

Did my kitchen & master bedroom wardrobe. Service is excellent by Jericho, highly recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Chew Rickson

Our Completed Kitchen Cabinet Projects

Together with our parent company, A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd, we have worked with numerous Singapore clients in upgrading their kitchen cabinets. Regardless of your kitchen size, we have something to offer.Β 

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How much does kitchen cabinet cost in Singapore?

Kitchen cabinet cost depends on numerous factors, such as design, length, size, and material of the cabinets to name a few. For better quality kitchen cabinets, such as Aspire aluminum kitchen cabinet, they will cost more than wooden conventional cabinets. Aluminum kitchen cabinet will cost around $5000 depending on your requirements.

For cheaper alternatives, there is always pre-built kitchen cabinet. However, if you are looking for a kitchen cabinets for long term use, we suggest engaging with a reliable kitchen cabinet contractor to customize a kitchen cabinet for your home.

What type of kitchen cabinet is the best?

Aluminum kitchen cabinet is our best seller product, because of it’s durable, easy to maintain, and aesthetic pleasing. Aluminum as the material for kitchen cabinet fare much better than the conventional wooden kitchen cabinet.

The main feature of aluminum kitchen cabinet is that it is very long lasting. Such kitchen cabinets are made to last a lifetime, and it comes with a 10 years warranty. This is well-liked by Singapore families, who wish to do a one-time investment when renovating their kitchen.Β 

What material is the cheapest for kitchen cabinets?

Wooden kitchen cabinet is the cheapest in the market. But if you are looking for long lasting kitchen cabinet, we suggest that you opt for our Aspire aluminum kitchen cabinet.

Aluminum kitchen cabinet is heavy duty, and can withstand years of usage. More importantly, they are much safer to use compared to wooden kitchen cabinet. Aluminum is fire-proof, and they are formaldehyde free. Aluminum kitchen cabinet are generally safe for families in Singapore.