Aspire Kitchen Cabinet

10 Years Warranty

Quality assurance for our customers.

Protect your product with 10 years extended warranty for your products. 

What does our warranty cover?

  • Full Breakdown Cover – All repair costs inclusive of parts, labour and call out charges on major (non-portable) items.
  • New for Old Replacement – In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair the product, we will replace it with an identical or similar model of equivalent purchase price and specification.
  • No Customer Outlay – All repair invoices are settled directly by Courts SupaShield, so there is no need for any payment to be made by you.
  • Rapid Service By Courts – If you suffer a breakdown of your product, one of our specialists will arrange a mutually agreed appointment time for our technician’s visit.
  • Loan Product – In the case of major appliances, if your product cannot be repaired on site, a loan unit will be made available by Courts on request, if available.
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